Analyses and studies

The decision-making process often requires specific information and it is rational to engage economic experts in its preparation. Finantsakadeemia can help you with different issues in the field of financial and economic analysis. We can provide services to local authorities, public institutions, companies and third sector organisations. Our main areas of expertise include:

Development plans and strategies. First and foremost their financial-economic sections, including the macroeconomic environment, direct and indirect social economic impact, risk analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. Our experience in conducting impact analysis within the input-outcome framework is unique in Estonia and this allows us to assess the impact of the proposed projects/measures on the economy at large.

Regulations and policymaking. The analysis of the impact of a regulation both on the public sector and the private sector mainly from the financial economic perspective. This also includes the development of price regulation, analyses addressing significant market forces and the funding principles of the public sector domains. Our financial literacy is complemented by knowledge and experience in such strongly regulated sectors as energy, water economy, waste handling, health care and transport.

Market analyses. Analysis of the economic environment for entry into market, preparation of cash flow estimates and risk analysis.

Activity-based management accounting and motivation systems. The development management accounting systems and motivation schemes (e.g. employee option schemes).

Impact of regulation, business plans, market analysis, activity-based costing.