Valuation service

The need for valuation service may arise for different reasons:

  • The market value of a company is first and foremost assessed in connection with the purchase or sales process. Profound valuation elicits the performance and financial indicators of the company, estimations on the market potential of the company and the forecasts of the management, it is a tool on which the purchaser or seller can rely during negotiations. Valuation is rational to combine with a financial due diligence so to provide the customer with a more profound overview of the financial position of the company.
  • Valuation can also address financial accounting, such as…

… post transaction purchase price allocation analysis, the determination of the market value of assets/liabilities and goodwill,

… the valuation of a non-monetary contribution,

… the recognition of investments at fair value,

… the testing of the value of assets.

  • Value-based management can be introduced into the management decision making systems, for instance by implementing such performance indicators as the market value of equity, economic value added (EVA), the cost of capital and others.
  • Valuation expertise lays the basis for the entire consulting process of transactions. This also holds true in the event of certain asset groups e.g. trademarks, patents, useful models, etc are subject of the transaction.

Finantsakadeemia has analysing capacities and skills in the field of financial modelling, market analysis and estimations, experience in the valuation of the cost of capital, the assessment of options and decision-making processes at large.

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