Calculation of rate of return for a power generation project

At the request of a leading Estonian environmental services company, Finantsakadeemia performed the calculations of the internal rate of return of a power generation project in Estonia. This engagement resulted from a dispute over the eligibility of the support granted for renewable energy production project, given the competitive impact of the project on the raw material used in power generation.
Time: 05-07/2013

Valuation of material damage in a dispute resolution process

We calculated the amount of material damage caused to a maintenance company by the former management and the majority shareholder due to the transfer of substantial economic activities of the competing company. Market approach was used for assessment and the result was achieved by comparing the outcome of two (“as is” and “as if”) scenarios.
Time: 09/2013

Assessment of value in a dispute over caused damage

At the request of the court, Finantsakadeemia performed the analysis of the value of a company that sells and installs wall covering materials. The valuation engagement was unusual due to the fact that the assessment had to be made retrospectively for the year 2010. The market approach, by applying comparable companies’ indicators, was used for the assessment.
Time: 07-08/2014

Valuation of intellectual property in court proceedings

At the request of court, Finantsakadeemia assessed the value of the intangible assets (layout files) of a publishing company in bankruptcy proceedings. This type of asset is unique and for the performance of this engagement, expert opinions on the potential of reprints were asked from publishers and booksellers.
Time: 06-09/2014

Capital rising dispute of the financial institution

Finantsakadeemia expressed its opinion on the appropriateness and eligibility of instruments proposed for the capitalisation of the Estonian financial institution from a financial and economic perspective. Respective EU and local financial market regulations were taken into account when conducting the engagement. The work was performed for the purpose of court proceedings.
Time: 09-10/2014

Valuation of a property development project in a dispute resolution process

Finantsakadeemia assessed a developer’s loss due to the suspension of a property development project and the value of the developing company both in the event of continuing and discontinuing development activities. The assessments were performed retrospectively for the years 2010 and 2012. The work was performed for the purpose of court proceedings.
Time: 09-11/2014

Loss of income assessment

At the request of the importer of construction materials, Finantsakadeemia carried out an assessment of the lost income in connection with a precept issued by the Technical Surveillance Authority, which prohibited the sale of products imported by one of the main companies.

Time: 10/2015 – 02/2016

Assessing the value of a sports centre

In connection with the litigation, Finantsakadeemia performed a valuation of the assets of the bankrupt sports centre using the net assets method.

Time: 11-12 / 2016

Evaluation of the holdings of two companies

In connection with the litigation, Finantsakadeemia carried out the valuation of the shares of transport and textile companies (25% and 72%, respectively) using the net assets method.

Time: 12/2016 – 01/2017

Valuation work related to property allocation

At the request of the court, the market value of 100% of the company’s shares was assessed on a non-controlling basis, ie on the assumption that the division (joint ownership) is not linked to a controlling (generally more than 50%) shareholding in the company.

Time: 12 / 2017-01 / 2018

Loss of income analysis

Finantsakadeemia analysed the lost income of a hunting tourism company in connection with the planned Rail Baltic railway project.

Time: 12 / 2017-2 / 2018

Analysis of organized waste transport prices

Tallinn Waste Centre turned to an expert for an opinion to analyse the justification of the prices of waste transport services organized by the company and to assess its compliance with the provisions of § 16 of the Competition Act in connection with the precept of the Competition Authority.

Time: 01-03 / 2018

Expert assessment of the value of royalties

Finantsakadeemia assessed the possible value of the license fee, the basis of which was the misappropriation of a trade secret from the client.

Time: 01-02 / 2020

Expert assessment of the amount of damage caused

Finantsakadeemia assessed the amount of damage caused by an article published in the press to Estonia’s leading aesthetic and general surgery clinic.

Time: 04-05 / 2020

Assessment of the hotel ‘s loss of income

Finantsakadeemia assessed the loss of income of the new hotel in the Old Town of Tallinn due to the delay in the construction of the building.

Time: 05-07 / 2020