Project finance

Preparation of a loan application for an industrial company

Finantsakadeemia helped to prepare the financing application to banks for the funding of the expansion investments of a machine industry company.
Time: 05/2013

The cost-benefit analysis of the Tallinn-Helsinki fixed link

In cooperation with the SWECO Group, Finantsakadeemia performed a feasibility study for the construction of a railway tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki.
Finantsakadeemia was in charge of analysing the funding options, the preparation of the financial model and the assessment of economic impact. The estimated value of the project is between 9 and 13 billion euros and the construction will take 8 years. The outputs of the project serves as a basis for decisions making with regard of fixed connection between two capitals.
The contracting entity was the Harju County Government with the cities of Tallinn and Helsinki. The project was funded from the Seed Money Facility of the European Union’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.
Time: 09/2014-02/2015

Cost-benefit analysis of railway infrastructure projects

In cooperation with Ramboll Eesti AS and Leonhard Weiss RTE AS, Finantsakadeemia prepared funding applications for three projects of the reconstruction railroads and signalling systems owned by Eesti Raudtee AS. Finantsakadeemia was responsible for the assessment of the financial feasibility and economic impact of the projects.
Time: 10/2014-03/2015

Cost-benefit analysis of the health centre

At the request of Viljandi Hospital, Finantsakadeemia carried out a cost-benefit analysis of Viljandi Health Centre and helped to prepare a corresponding funding application.

Time: 11/2015 – 02/2016

Start-up company’s business plan

Finantsakadeemia helped to prepare financial projections for a start-up company in the field of fintech for the purpose of financing the company.

Time: 02-07 / 2016

Cost-benefit analysis of road projects

Finantsakadeemia carried out feasibility and cost-benefit analysis of three road projects in the city of Tallinn – Haabersti junction, Reidi tee and Gonsiori street – in connection with application to structural funds. The work was performed in cooperation with AS K-Projekt and AS SWECO Eesti.

Time: 11/2015 – 11/2016

Production building cost-benefit analysis

The Academy of Finance analysed the profitability of different alternatives for the waste management company’s new production building.

Time: 04-05 / 2018

Financial expertise for the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB)

The ARIB engaged Finantsakadeemia to assess the sustainability and feasibility of the business plan of the oilseed production plant. The expertise supported the decision on financing by the ARIB.

Time: 02-03 / 2020